We Bought A House

Finally we can share the news, aaah I am so happy and excited to finally be able to say that: we bought a house! It’s actually been well over 2 months since we first visited the place, right before we went on our ski trip to Switzerland. With all that has been going on with covid-19 and the lockdown, the project was put on the back burner for a bit but it is finally official!

How it happened

So back in early March we visited the house and instantly fell in love with it. We had seen a few properties at this point, and already had a “the one that got away” house that seemed perfect for us but got sold to the first viewer (5 minutes before we, the second viewers, arrived *ugh*). We knew what we were looking for in a house (lots of light, a garden, enough space) and we knew what we didn’t want (renovations, small windows, lack of storage) but we also knew that we needed to act fast if we liked a place. I remember the exciting and nervous feeling in my stomach when sending our official offer email, we were up in our cabin in the mountains after a long day of skiing.

The story on how we found out the offer was accepted is one for the books though! It was the third day of our ski trip. We were a group of 15 people and that morning we decided to split up and meet everyone again for lunch later that day. I went with my fellow amateur skiers (we like to call ourselves expert beginners) to tackle some blue & red slopes – everything went really well and I felt myself gaining confidence with every turn, so much so that I started a route on my own and told the rest of the crew that I’d see them down in the village at lunch time. I really wanted to go at my own speed and I knew the slope already, so skiing at my own pace and all by myself was actually really fun! I thought I knew the spot where we’d meet up for lunch. Guess what? I didn’t. I just skied all the way down to the village, where there were no lifts to be found – not the best idea since the lunch spot was all the way up in the mountains. Very smart, Migalski. Anyways, I was still on my skiing high so I thought I’d just walk back up towards the lunch spot, I’d asked someone in the village and they said it was a 10-minute walk. It wasn’t.

After “walking” for about 40 minutes all by myself, up a steep hill, in ski boots and with my skiis over my shoulder, I finally arrived at the restaurant. More than an hour late. I’d felt my phone buzzing in my pocket during my walk but I couldn’t stop marching up the hill, I couldn’t put my skiis down to get my phone out of my pocket – the only thing I could think of was walking onwards towards the goal, my final destination. Dramatic, me? I finally arrived at the lunch spot, covered in sweat and down to my last nerve and saw the crew sitting outside in the sun, cheering for me when I finally emerged out the woods! I also saw my boyfriend marching towards a ski lift to go and look for me, so with my last bit of energy, I accelerated my pace and started screaming his name. He saw me, I ran to him, both happy that I was still alive and not burried under an off-piste avalanche, and then he said: we got it. we got the house. All I could say was: what? no? really? what? *aaaargh*. Just thinking about this makes me tear up again! We hugged and I cried and we were very happy to be together, and to celebrate the wonderful news with our friends! Such a good memory 🙂

Anyways, back to present day! I’ve been spending hours on end scrolling through interior deisgn blogs, pinning my life away on Pinterest, creating moodboards and shopping lists, and am already packing things up in my head. I can’t wait to show the place, document the progress on here and take you with me in this new adventure we’re about to embark on!

#Hashtag Home

Hashtag home is going to be a series of home interior related blog posts, fully dedicated towards making our new house a true home. Buying your first house is a big step (I know, I’ve had the panic attacks to prove it), it is the start of a journey towards the future and I am very excited to take it! However, a lot of things come with buying your own place, whether it is a cosy apartment in the city, a fixer-upper house in your hometown village or an enchanting castle in a kingdom far, far away. I’m here to share my thoughts on buying a place and turning it into a home, hopefully I’ll get to share my tips and tricks, open up about the challenges we face and maybe even get you inspired!

Keep an eye out on the category #HashtagHome for more house-related content.

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