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Finally another house update! It’s been a year now since we moved into our lovely apartment, and even though it took some time for us to get everything the way we wanted it, things came together quite nicely if I may say so myself 🙂 After a long search for the perfect dining table, coffee table, rugs and couch, our living / dining room is looking very good right now! The only room that lacked a little in the interior department was [eltdf_highlight background_color=”#f9e5e9″ color=”#000000″]the bedroom[/eltdf_highlight], as it is basically a plain white cube with one full wall of build-in closet space, a window and marble fireplace – without the fire though. We wanted to keep the space quite minimalistic and clean, with the bed as main center piece. I wanted the space to have a hotel-vibe: Crisp white sheets, minimal framework and one hell of a mattress. Guess what? ✔️!

I saw the Emma mattrass on someone’s Instagram account before, but I didn’t really pay attention because a mattrass is not one of those things you regularly buy. After all, I didn’t think I needed a new mattrass in my life since ‘I just bought one a few years ago’ – until I started counting and realized we could benefit from a new mattrass. Emma has been crowned ‘The Best Mattrass of 2017’ so I just needed to test it for myself. Turns out it is no lie! This mattrass is pure bliss to sleep on, we’ve been testing it for about three weeks now and I can honestly say it is really good. Not too hard, not too soft, and the memory foam will make sure you’re snug and cosy. Interested? Emma offers a 100-day trial on every purchase, so go ahead and try it for yourself. Click here to shop your Emma Matras. 

Poof: SofaCompany, silk set: Calzedonia, slippers: Ugg Australia.
The bed is from IKEA, Desenio print in IKEA frame, the pineapple lamp is vintage.

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