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In today’s episode of “Home Tour”, I’m taking you with me inside my office space. We are lucky to have a spare room dedicated to all things work-related, which is convenient if you work from home a lot. This little space is what you can call Dogs and Dresses HQ, so I tried to make it as inspiring as possible. Even though I can take my laptop and work with me wherever I want, I find working from my office easier and more productive than doing blog work in the living room or on the couch – here I can totally focus! Since it is a rather small space (it was ment as a walk-in closet but heyyyy, we all know that I need a lot more space for that…) we tried to keep it as minimalistic as possible, yet adding a few fun details through color and material.

We added a shaggy carpet to give the room a luxurious and cosy feel, and chose a seafoam green color that complements the rest of the colorful details without being too bright. Soft velvet pillows, lots of inspiring books, metallic toned details and as much white as we could possibly bring into the room: everything adds up to a playful and fresh office space.

Most of the items are from IKEA: I knew I wanted a long yet simple desk that would fit two people and I found it in this Linnmon table top. Add a few legs et tadaaa, office desk is set! We dresses up the space with handy storage solutions such as those baby blue Fjälla magazine racks and Dokument letter tray, and contined the use of metallic in the Forsa lamp and picture frames on the wall. The velvet pillows are called Sanela and come in a lot of different colors – the perfect way to spice up your space every now and then!

What do you look for when decorating your office or desk? Do you have any tips to share for decorating a small space? Would love to hear them! Hope you liked this little peek inside my home and thanks for reading 🙂

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SANELA pillows (here), LINNMON table top (here), DOKUMENT letter tray (here), FJALLA magazine rack (here), VINDUM rug (here), FORSA lamp (here).

This post is in collaboration with IKEA Belgium.

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