Saint-Martin: Day Three



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Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-2

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3

It’s day three on the island, and we’re kicking off in a rather unexpected way, by taking a perfume workshop. Tijon Parfumerie and Studios is the place where Tijon’s three exclusive lines of perfume, skincare and cosmetics are crafted. All Tijon products are handcrafted on-site using island products. There’s even a full Saint-Martin line with scents such as Pinel Island. We didn’t only do some shopping while we were there, we also learnt everything there is to learn about creating a perfume, and finally did so ourselves! May I introduce you to the scent of 2016; Fig Beach by Elien Migalski 😉

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-6

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-12

Taking a workshop isn’t exactly on top of my list while on holiday, but I can really recommend this one. It was in-depth but not too long, + you get to take the best souvenir back home with you, your own personal perfume. I created  a scent with lots of fig and something called beach, resulting in a lovely holiday perfume that keeps the memories alive!

Place: Tijon Perfume House in Grand-Case
Learn: all about creating your own perfume by taking a workshop.

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-14

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-15

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-16

We have a rental car at our disposal, which is something you really want to have on the island. It’s cheap to rent a car (starting from 15 dollars a day) and you get to discover all the hidden gems the island has to offer. We drive up to Baie Rouge and sit down on the beach chairs of Gus’ beach bar, an authentic, heartwarming carribean style diner on the beach. I order a chicken burger and the best frozen mango drink ever – some rum, some fresh mango and lots of ice make the perfect beach drink!

Place: Gus’ beach bar on Baie Rouge
Order: FROZEN Everything! All the frozen drinks are prepared with fresh fruits, + it’s happy hour from 3 to 4, so these delicious drinks are only $3!

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-30

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-45

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-41

From one beach to the next… We’re back on Plum Beach, probably the calmest beach spot around. Around 5 you’ll see a lot of locals taking a dip in the ocean after work, but you can also sunbathe for hours without seeing anyone. No bars or restaurants around here, so be sure to bring along refreshments when you visit. This maxi dress was way too hot to wear, but we did manage to shoot some outfit pictures which I’ll show you later on.

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-48

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-49

Dogs and Dresses SXM Day 3-50

Dinner tiiiiime! Paulie and I were craving Mexican food so bad, so we head over to Pancho’s for dinner. The small restaurant has an enchanting Mexican-Caribbean vibe and is ran by a very friendly woman who traded in Canada for Saint-Martin. The food is so good, the cocktails are delish and the price is more than fair as well. That’s the best part of the island I guess: the multitude of nationalities and the original mix they create.

Place: Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant
Order: everything on the menu. Be sure to wer your comfy pants.

Coming up next: the final days + A SPECIAL GIVE-AWAY!

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November 1, 2015

Wat een prachtige foto’s en een mooi verslag. Kan niet wachten om ooit een keer zelf te gaan!!

November 24, 2015

gorgeous pics love!

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