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this post is in partnership with IKEA Belgium

Welcome to my closet! I’m beyond exciting to be showing you along one of my favourite places of our apartment. And how could I not love this space? An entire room, dedicated to my clothes and beauty stash… A dream 🙂 When the boyfriend and I first visisted the two-bedroom apartment, we instantly decided that the smaller room should become the closet. Not sure if he thought it would be his closet as well, buuuut things turned out the way they did, and now this room turned into my personal playground. And I LOVE it!

Decorating this room wasn’t as easy though, as it has kind of a weird shape and lots of doors. Luckily the superstars over at IKEA have the best options for all sorts of rooms, so we decided on the PAX closet solution. I knew I had to had lots of hanging space for dresses and tops, so I headed over to the Komplement section to gear up on the perfect storage solutions. A few rods and shelves later and boom, my dream closet was born.

Even though my interior aesthetic evolved quite a bit over the years, I still swear by IKEA for all those fundamental pieces. The PAX storage system is really the key in this entire room – I’m contemplating getting doors installed as well, which would make this space a whole lot more calm and relaxing, but I also like the open closet vibe… Thoughts? Anyways, IKEA is great for those basic items, but I did manage to score a lot of statement pieces for this room as well. The soft pink carpet for instance, or that divine velvet green stool! The mirror is amazing as well, it is supersized and is perfect to check your look from head to toe.

  1. HOVET large mirror
    The perfect size to see your entire outfit, + it will also make your room look more spacious.
  2. STAJLIG clothing hangers
    These steel hangers are perfect because they don’t take up as much space as a wooden hanger does. I use them to hang my tops and shirts.
  3. STRANDMON velvet green stool
    So pretty! It is a new arrival at IKEA and also comes in a reading chair. The dark green velvet looks rich and works great with the pink carpet.
  4. ADUM pink carpet
    Softest carpet ever! It brings the room together and feels really comfy to walk on.
  5. SKUBB storage boxes
    These boxes fit perfectly in a 100cm PAX closet, and are great for storing your undies, socks etc.
  6. IKEA PS cabinet
    I use this cabinet as my make-up counter. It is big enough to hold aaalll my make-up and beauty products and is the perfect height to sit in front of.
  7. BROGRUND door hanger
    Never enough storage space 😉 Hang these hangers over your door to create extra space for coats.

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December 26, 2017

SUCH a pretty place, love it!!!!

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