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Welcome to the housewarming part 1!

One month in and I’m happy to share some photos of our new home! The interior decoration is still a work in progress, but at least we have the right furniture all moved in. This bed is probably my favourite piece of furniture in the entire apartment, because it’s a dream to sleep in. I’ve always said that, when I grow up, I wanted a bed like the ones in hotels: big, fluffy and too good to crawl out of in the morning. All boxes checked! IKEA allows you to try their matresses for 90 days, but I’m pretty sure we made the perfect choice by picking the firm Hövag pocket sprung mattress – only downside is that I barely make it out of bed on time in the morning. To achieve the hotel-like fluffiness, we went with the Rödtoppa duvet, which is extra thick and warm, making it the perfect blanket in wintertime. The duvet is wrapped in the softest Malou quilt cover, allowing it to blend in well with the rest of the room. For the bed frame we went with the high white Malm frame, which is easy to combine and comes with a nifty storage solution: you can roll up to four storage boxes underneath, perfect to tuck away extra blankets, pillows, or in my case: shoes.

Creating extra storage space is the key theme in our home. Limited space calls for clever solutions, and luckily for us IKEA is a pro in getting the most out of your space. The Nordli bedside tables feature a hidden shelf with room for an extension socket, so our phone chargers are neatly tucked away in this smart design. They also come with a removable drawer to store little trinkets in. So handy! Currently on my nightstand are a tissue box from IKEA’s holiday collection, a vase with (plastic) tulips, a steel lamp and a cute candle from H&M home.

Opposite of our bed is a fireplace, with at its right my vanity table. The vintage cabinet used to be plain wood when I picked it up at a local thrift store for maybe 15 euros. A lick of high gloss white paint and that gorgeous golden mirror above it (another thriftstore gem!) ét voilà, my little make-up nook is sorted! Speaking of, to keep everything in place I bought these plexiglass storage units from Nomess Copenhagen. I love the modern element they bring, such a great contrast to the vintage items. On the other side of the fire place is a large wardrobe, that I’m currently sharing with my boyfriend on a 80% – 20% ratio. We’re planning on getting one of those amazing Pax wardrobes to place in our dining room as well, because I kinda sorta own a lot of clothes.

Beside our bed lays a small Hampen high pile rug – we have these all over the house in various dimensions. I think it’s important to, especially in a small space, tie all of the rooms together. That’s why our living room and dining room all have certain elements that are also present in the bedroom. Lots of white, lots of light, neutral colours and warm golden accents. I’m so in love with the soft sheepskin rug I got as a Christmas present that I shift it around from room to room. The panda you see behind the bed is actually sort of an inside joke between my bf and me, as he got me a panda cuddly bear on our first date *awh*. So when we went on our first ever trip to Ikea together and spotted this bear, we had to take it home.

The extra pillows on the bed are from the Stockholm collection, a collection that makes my heart beat faster. I love, love, love every single piece of it. These pillows look great on the bed as well as on our sofa, so I made sure to stock up on extras! I can’t wait to show you the rest of our place, so make sure to attend the virtual housewarming soon 😉

Do you live on your own or with friends, family or a partner?
Any nifty storage solutions or deco tips to share with me? I’d love to hear them! 🙂

IKEA item links
HÖVÅG matress (here)
RODTOPPA duvet (here)
MALM bed frame (here)
MALOU quilt cover (here)
STOCKHOLM pillow case (here)
NORDLI bedside table (here)
HAMPEN high pile rug (here)
VINTERFINT tissue box (here)
KRAMIG panda bear (here)
FORSÅ lamp (here)

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What do you think?

December 28, 2014

Die panda is zo schattig! Kan echt niet wachten om mijn toekomstig huisje in te richten, als ik ooit thuis weg geraak 😀

December 28, 2014

echt heel mooi ingericht!

December 28, 2014

mooi ingericht!

December 28, 2014

Ziet er echt al mooi uit, benieuwd naar de rest!

December 28, 2014

Mooi! Ik wil ook veel wit later in mijn huisje 😉
Benieuwd naar de andere delen 🙂

December 28, 2014

Hoe leuk ik deze artikels ook vind, doen ze toch veel pijn haha want dan besef ik hoe fel ik ernaar uitkijk om mijn eigen huisje in te richten. Ik ben niet de grootste Ikea fan maar ik moet toegeven dat het er echt heel goed uitziet. Ben benieuwd naar de rest.

Love Imke


December 29, 2014

Love your style!

Mooi gedaan Elien, ziet er echt heel gezellig uit!

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