We’re in the final weeks of this adventure, can’t believe how fast time has flown by – even though these last days do feel like a lifetime 😉 Bump is getting really heavy and my movements are limited, but every moment is bringing us closer to the moment we finally get to meet baby girl so it’ll all be worth it!

Luckily I did find the time and energy to have a little pregnancy shoot earlier this week, right after my 33nd birthday! Speaking of which, I think this is probably the most uneventful birthday I’ve ever had, as I literally did nothing special – walked the dog, went for a pedicure, did pilates and went out for a quick sushi bite. I did enjoy the slow day though, and all of the lovely mommy-to-be congratulation texts I received from friends and family.. We’ll celebrate bigger and better next year 😉

Okay back to business: the pregnancy shoot! I was contemplating having one done, as I’m not the biggest fan of cheesy shoots and wasn’t really feeling all of the posing, but in retrospect I am very happy that I eventually did do it. My brother-in-law Ian was kind enough to shoot some pictures of my baby bump in his wonderful studio and it’s just a nice way to look back on this memorable experience in my life.

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