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Baby Juliette is a little over three weeks old so I can finally share our girl’s birth announcement card and the matching suikerbonen! All clichés of parenthood are true: time does go by so fast! Even though the nights can seem never ending, the days are short and time flies by – it is crazy to see how J. changes and grows every day, truly mesmerizing! The first time I started thinking about baby’s birth card design seems like only yesterday, but in fact it has been months and months. I am happy to share the final design in today’s blog post, maybe you’ll get inspired for your own birth cards.

Being the control freak that I am, I started pinning card inspo onto a dedicated Pinterest board as soon as I found out we were expecting. Creating a mood board is the perfect way to see what you like – for me it quicky showed that there were quite a few different styles that I liked, from clean all-white over bold and bright colors to a vintage-feel paint-like pastel type of illustration. One day I wanted the clean aesthetic on thick paper, the next day I gravitated more towards a cutesy tableau-like design. So many options, so many different routes to go. There’s the style, but then also the type of paper, the dimensions, the printing techniques used…

With my growing belly I wanted to keep the stress levels as low as possible, and that’s when I found Tadaaz. This 100% Belgian family company (which I think is such a wonderful thing, as you can literally feel the years long experience and passion throughout every single step of the process) has a large selection of different designs for all types of celebrations: from birth over communion to marriage, anniversary and more, so there’s bound the be a design that tickles your fancy. There’s also the option to upload your own design, which is great if you’ve already figured out what your style is.

We browsed the selection by filtering a few options: the style of the card, the shape, the gender of the baby, … This helped us narrow down the selection and we ended up with 3 possible options. The designs can be altered to your liking, so you can choose the type of font, the color of the foil print etc. I ordered proof prints of our final selection which we promptly got in the mail only a few days later, and based on those we made our final decision. Another wonderful thing: Tadaaz offers matching doopsuiker, little thank you gifts to hand out to friends and family when they visit to meet the baby. 

Looking back on these pictures, I still love all of the little details that we added to Juliette’s birth design. The main color of the card is a warm rust hue, a color that is present in her room interior as well. The little hearts on the front are printed in gold foil and are a nod to the gold envelope the card comes in. 

Because we really wanted our golden retriever Lewis to make an appearance on the birth card, we opted for a personalized stamp which we ordered on the MyStamp website by Bpost. I highly recommend the service to give your mail an extra personal touch! 

And here is the complete birth assortment: matching bags filled with sweets and chocolate, the classic suikerbonen in matching hues of copper and gold, presented in a clear box with round label and gold bow and the cutest lolly pops in white with golden flakes, finished off with a matching tag with baby J’s name printed in gold foil. The details are impeccable and I love how everything matches so well together. Still very happy about the colorway we decided to go for as well, nothing too girly or sweet, but not too all-white either. As I already mentioned, there are so many different options to choose from on the Tadaaz website, so have a look for yourself, I guarantee you’ll find something you love! 


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