November Lust List: Favourite Beauty Picks

I’ve wanted to introduce this new item for the longest time because I get to learn about so many amazing new products on the daily that I just wanted to share all of the goodness in one giant blog post. Each month I’ll be sharing my favorite new finds, along with all the product info and shoppable links for you to get your hands on them yourself. Let’s get into this month’s favorite beauty items, shall we?

Nars Holiday 2018 Lipstick Set

Nars has come out with the most perfect gift sets this Holiday Season. Treat your bff, girlfriend, sister (or yourself) to some of Nars’ most iconic products, which come in lovely packaging. Take this handy make-up pouch filled with the Ransom Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set, a set of 4 perfectly nude lipstick tones that suit every skin tone. Priced at €52, it may be the perfect gift to put underneath the Christmas tree. In need of a budget-friendly Christmas gift? Get the Little Fetishes set, a mini of their all-time favorite Orgasm blush and Orgasm lipstick.

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Olaplex Hair Perfector no. 3

My locks tend to get a little dull come Winter time, so I like to treat them to an extra mask or leave-in conditioner from time to time. I’ve recently come across the wonder that is Olaplex thanks to my hairdresser Shana at Hair Meeting (more info about the salon here). I was moaning about my hair and the trouble I had with styling it lately, how dry it felt and how I wanted to give it that extra boost. Shana insisted I try the Olaplex salon treatment, and my hair instantly felt re-energized, thicker and more manageable. I bought the Olaplex no. 3, a product meant for at-home use. One fine evening, when I had nothing on my schedule, I slatthered my locks in the Olaplex cream and left it in overnight. The next morning, after my regular shampoo and conditioner process, I had noticeably thicker locks that felt so super nourished and healthy. The product is on the pricier side for its a small bottle, but it truly is worth the cost. I now use it once every 1-2 weeks and my locks have never felt so good.

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GHD Platinum+

This styler ensures the perfect heat, at all times, for every hair type. It has only one button which turns on the tool, and in less than 20 seconds the styler is ready to go and make your looks looke smoother than ever! The smart technology monitors your hair and makes sure that the heat gets distributed perfectly whilst using. I have to say, I thought it would take a long time for the somewhat small styler to get through my thick locks, but it gave me perfectly smooth hair in the wink of an eye! I seriously had to slide over my locks only once for them to be perfectly straight – a dream. Since I don’t wear my hair super straight that often, I think I’ll go and try my hand at curling with a straightner, something I haven’t done before. It is supposed to be really easy with the GHD platinum+ styler, so I’ll keep you posted!

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Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

isle of paradise self tanning drops

Another one of my most recent discoveries: self tanning drops! I am not the biggest fan of self tanner, merely because I’d never find a product that I could use on my face without getting a break-out the next day. I learnt about the Isle of Paradise drops through YouTube and decided to try it for myself. I placed the order on Asos and got myself the Self Tanning Drops in the shade dark. Probably not the best thing to have done, but we’ll ge to that in a bit. So how do these drops work? Easy! You take your usual moisturizer and add 1 to 12 drops of the product in it. Wait, what? What kind of range is one to twelve? Of course, as a first time user, I overdid it with the drops and applied 8 drops worth of product. Need I remind you that I got the ‘dark’ one? The next day, I was as tan as a carrot. Or an orange. Or something else in that shade. I learnt from my mistakes though, and now use a mere 2-3 drops mixed in with my La Mer Moisturizing Cool Cream. Smear, smear, wash hands and wake up the next morning with a very subtle yet stunning bronzed glow. A total recommendation – but use with caution 😉

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Filorga Flash-Nude Fluid

Filorga Flash Nude

Ever since I got introduced to the brand Filorga, I’ve been head over heels about it. Their latest release, the Filorga Flash-Nude Fluid is my go-to foundation at the moment. Its silky, fluid texture smooths over my rough winter skin and gives it the even coverage it needs. The best thing? It actually is an active foundation, that works to refine the appearance of my skin not only instantly but over time as well. There’s a potion of hyaluronic acid (yay) and botanical ingredients that all work together to give you a radiant, bright and even complexion. It has SPF30, which is a must in my foundation. Since I am self tanning my face (see the paragraph above ;-)) I am mixing the color 001 and 002 together to create the perfect color for my skin tone.

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Sisley Le Phyto Rouge Long Lasting Lipstick

I love a good nude lip but find it challenging to come across the perfect shade, in the perfect consistency that doesn’t dry out my lips or make them look chalky. I’m speaking in the past now, as I’ve found the holy grail – or should I say series of holy grails? The Sisley Le Phyto Rouge in the shades 10 – beige jaipur, 11 – beige tahiti and 12 – beige bali are my faaaaavourite lipsticks for every day use! They are the perfect range of versatile nudes, ranging from light, for that very muted look which goes terrific with a bold eye make-up, over medium to the perfect rich nude color. Love them! The packaging is really luxurious too, which makes these a treat to have in your purse at all times.

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What are your favourite beauty products of the moment? Did you already know the ones I’m sharing today? And are you brave enough to try out those self tanning drops? 😉 Tell me!

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