Here’s to a New Year

Already thirteen days well into the new year so I decided it was time to check in for a little update here! How are you doing? I haven’t done the usual End of Year recap on 2020, mainly because it was such a weird and crazy year, and honestly one we’re happy to forget. Besides all of the covid craziness and emotionally draining situations, 2020 actually brought some very good things to us too.. Most notably: our home! Only mere days after putting out an offer and having it accepted we found ourselves in the midst of the pandemic and first lockdown, which was challenging to say the least. Looking back at it all now, we’re so happy to have had everything unfold the way it did house-wise, and we’re feeling so lucky and happy in our little house. I’ll post some interior updates on here soon, if you want to see them!

I’m mostly trying to focus on looking forward and hoping that 2021 brings us more positiveness, happy moments and good times. Even though I vow to live more in the moment and focus on myself rather than what other people think or say, I want to become a little more active on here again, so please let me know if there are certain topics or things that you wish to see discussed/posted on more.

Wishing you all the best for the new year,

Thanks for reading.

xo, Elien

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