My #1 Luxury Skincare Indulgence

If there’s one beauty brand that ticks all my boxes, it most definitely La Mer. The label had been on my radar for years before I made my first purchase, but I always found it to be one of those extremely luxurious and appealing brands.The Creme de la Mer is one of the most iconic and hyped beauty products in the world, and it contains the illustrious Miracle Broth. Let’s go back in history and introduce you to Dr. Max Huber, the mastermind behind what we today know to be La Mer. The man lived near the sea and went back and forth testing and trying out the healing properties of sea weed. It took him 12 years and over 6000 expertiments, but he finally came to capture a cell-renewing process that he dubbed Miracle Broth. This elixir flows through each and every La Mer products and is truly the heart of what makes this brand so special.

When Winter comes rolling in I always know I can count on my Creme de la Mer to keep my skin hydrated and fresh. I’m prone to dryness and since I am out and about a lot (having a dog means walking him 3 times a day – even in the blistering cold) I can sure use all the hydration there is. Over the years I’ve added the Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream (a super favourite of mine when you want a lighter cream), the La Mer eye gel (LOVE) and a few other products to my skincare routine. If you’re looking for an oil to add to your routine, I highly recommend The Renewal Oil, which nourishes and softens your skin for an instant glow. A product I use day and night without ever skipping a day is The Cleansing Miccelar Water, which will wipe off your make-up and cleanses your skin in the most luxurious way possible.

 Have you ever tried the brand? What is your favourite product or which product would you like to try out yourself? Let me know!

Current beauty faves

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