My Updated Fall Hair Care Routine

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Time to welcome a new season, in which the air gets crispy, the leaves change color and the days get shorter. The change into Autumn is a time for self-care, a hot cup of tea, that nice massage to take away a stress day, to work out and form a new fall-proof routine.

One thing that is super important in my new season’s routine is taking care of my hair. Summer was fun but not so much for my locks – rays of sunshine, dips in chlorine pools and salty sea water and lots of traveling have taken its toll on my locks so I try to put in a little extra effort when it comes to my hair care routine.

The new Gliss Kur Hair Treatment Pouches are the perfect shots of extra love for my locks. The easy to use and very nourishing hair masks come in a fun and functional pouch and contain tons of nutritious vitamins for an intense treatment.

The new range consists out of three different treatments, all focusing on one specific need: there is the Ultimate Repair mask for damaged and dry hair, the Supreme Length for long locks that are prone to damage and split ends and the Bio-tech Restore for damage-prone and sensitized hair. They all smell equally amazing, even though I must admit the pink pouch is my personal favourite. Designed to nourish and feed long locks, they leave me with the softest and easy to manage hair I could possibly imagine. I incorporate the Hair Treatment Pouches into my weekly hair care routine and my hair is so shiny and easy to style afterwards. My fall beauty routine is now complete!

Want to add these nourishing pouches into your routine as well? Get them through the Shopmium website here and save €1.50 on each pouch!

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