Life Feed #19: Paris, Disney & Designer Bags


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It’s been a hot minute since I last updated the blog – excuse me! Guess I’ve been a little too busy having fun – oh and drowning in work as well, but let’s not focus on that right now. In fact: let’s talk about the weekend! We just got back from a really fun weekend get-away. Destination? Disneyland Paris! It had been about 20 years ago (iiieek!) since I last visited the amusement park, so when the oportunity presented itself we jumped at the chance to go and say hello to Mickey and his friends. Turns out we underestimated the amount of people who go to Disneyland and the waiting lines they bring with them.. Did not get to hug Mickey or Pluto, buuuut we did have a wonderful time in an enchanting, snowy Disnelyland Paris. On Sunday we decided to drive to the center of Paris for lunch at Miss Ko and some mandatory shopping on Avenue Montagne. Fell in love with this Balenciaga City that I have been craving for for quite some time, but it was not 100% what I wanted so the pretty bag stayed in Paris.


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