Beauty from Within Routine


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True beauty starts from within – and that’s why Belène is a huge part of my skincare journey.

Did you know that, from the age of 25, your skin shows the first signs of skin aging; fine lines turn into folds, wrinkles and deep wrinkles, pigment spots appear, the skin dries out, elasticity is reduced… Collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin decrease with aging, resulting in a loss of firmness, hydration and flexibility. I know I’ve found myself looking at my skin with microscopic precision, tugging at saggy bits and mimicking a facelift in the mirror more than once, and all of the creams and serums that are usually on my bathroom counter all focus on either hydration or anti-aging. Good skin care is super important, but everything starts with what you actually put into your body. Hydration is key, so I try to drink 2L of clear fluids a day in order to maintain a good balance.

By boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid, skin becomes smoother, firmer, brighter and has increased elasticity. Say goodbye to wrinkles, expression lines and crow’s feet without cosmetic or medical procedures.

I take one beauty shot in the morning and follow up with the Silicum Anti-Age Beauty Pill – all before getting to my morning coffee. It’s easy and simple and it gives me the boost I need, especially after having had a baby and all of the hormonal changes that come with it. I can already see a visible change in my complexion and hope it’ll work its magic on my hair too.


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