A New Chapter

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A New Chapter

A few new things are coming my way… First, and most importantly, we are over the moon that we’re expecting a baby this September! It’s been a whirlwind of emotions ever since finding out, but it has been such a precious adventure as well.


With every little kick, every visit to the gyno, every thought about our future together, we’re one step closer to meeting this wonderful little human. At times it feels very surreal and like I said, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions. From being beyond excited to being downright scared for what’s to come, pregnancy can be a rollercoaster. However, I am happy to say I’m in a very good place and have a very positive mindset towards this grand new adventure we’re about to embark on. I’ll take you along the ride if you want, so if you’re into pregnancy content (and soon posts on motherhood..) you can find everything under the Baby category.

As if one baby wasn’t enough, I’m happy to launch this new, updated, revamped space on the internet, a place for me to share my thoughts, to discuss topics and to inspire and get inspired.

As you may know, my career as a blogger started well over a decade ago. I hit the publish button on my very first blog post in early 2009, from the confines of my student dorm in Antwerp. Little did I know that this hobby would grow out to be so much more than just that – over the years I’ve gotten to know so many interesting people, received wonderful opportunities and had the freedom to really explore what I wanted out of this career.

A lot has changed since, with the rise of instagram being one of the most important things to change the blogosphere. However short our attention spans may have gotten, I do still love to write and still love to create and update my own space online. That’s why I decided to blow some new life into this first baby of mine, and I hope you’ll love to follow along. Who knows what the next decade may bring…

Welcome to my upgraded space on the internet, I hope you’ll have fun here.

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