Life Feed #21


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It’s been a hot minute since I last served a portion of Life Updates on here, but voilà, here we are! It’s day 89746783098 of covid-19 quarantine and as much as I am over it all, I still try to take every day as it comes, with its up’s and downs. It’s such a crazy time right now and I hope you are all dealing with it in the best way possible, staying healthy in your body ànd mind. I’ve had a few anxiety attacks dropping in from out of nowhere and since I never really had to deal with any of those feelings, it’s been weird having to cope with new emotions like these.. I try to stick to somewhat of a routine throughout the week though, as I am lucky enough to have been going to the office about 3 days a week. On days where I’m at home, I wake up early, take Lewis out for an extra long walk and try to get the most out of my day. Some days I’ve been feeling energized and pumped, meeting up with friends for social distancing walks, grabbing a coffee from the local coffee bar, doing an at-home work-out, going for a run, cooking up some healthy concoction and enjoying an early night in and a good night’s sleep. Other days have been the complete opposite: pure chaos. Hours of lethargically curling up on the couch, watching mind-numbing shit shows on Amazon Prime, not wanting to have any sort of social interaction and days that blur into nights without feeling the need to go to bed. It all sounds a bit dramatic, but to be honest, it’s exactly how I am living life right now. I hope that next week, when life’s allowed to be a bit more ‘normal’ and back to its old ways, I can let go of this scary feeling and return to my usual, happy, perpetually overthinking but bubbly self 😉

Use the arrows above or scroll all the way down for some photo moments of the past few weeks.

voor altijd mijn bompa.


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