Life Feed #20


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Happy Sunday folks! Thought I’d check back in to reflect on some of past week’s adventures. I’m in the midst of having a proper Sunday right now: in my PJ’s (loving my Lovestories x H&M khaki leopard print set!) on my pink velvet couch watching a véry girly Netflix movie. We just had pancakes for brunch and I’ve already done laundry + ironing + cleaning up around the house, so this little lazy couch-potato moment of mine is totally justified.

wedding guest outfit Jarlo blush pink dress

I got sooo many questions about this dress: it is by Jarlo, a British brand that has a webshop but is also for sale on Asos and Zalando. I actually have this exact same dress in navy blue (ordered it on Asos a long time ago), and I absolutely love everything about it. It has been my go-to for numerous weddings, so I really wanted to have it in another color as well. Luck would have it I found it for sale on eBay in my size for a fraction of the price. This pink number is a little more tricky to wear (and not to spill on) but it makes me feel like a princess – something I always appreciate.

life feed: wedding guests


Lewis life feed golden retriever

Hello gorgeous creature! Spent a lot of time running around with little Lewis, the love of my life. I cannot express how much joy this pupper brings into my life – and every one else’s he encounters. Want to read more posts about Lewis? Click here!

blog the brick antwerp

Look who found time to go to the gym? Just kidding, I always have time to go to the gym, I just never find the courage. I did this week though, probably because our trips to Italy and Ibiza are coming closer and I can’t seem to put down the jar of Nutella. If you’re curious about what I actually do in the gym, I usually stick to this pretty simple routine:

20″ on the eliptical at a pace of 8

10″ booty workout by Pamela Rf + 10″ ab workout by Alexis Ren

20″ infinity stairs, the sweat it out routine


life feed hotspot Warehouse Godefriduskaai Antwerp

Friday started off with an exciting meeting – I’ll be partnering with a shiny new hair salon in Antwerp, which I’ll tell you all about soon. Since I was in the neighbourhood, I picked up gal pal Anouk (check out her blog here) for a cosy lunch and copious amounts of coffee. We checked out Warehouse and had lunch at Story Urban Deli (Godefriduskaai).

outfit street style antwerp

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