Revealing My Go-To Hair Salon for the Perfect Blow-Out

There’s a new hair salon in town, one that will turn dry locks and grown-out roots into Pinterest-worthy hair do’s. Let’s meet Hair Meeting in Antwerp!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been somewhat of a loose canon when it comes to hair dressers – ever since moving to Antwerp I just picked out a different salon each and every time my locks would need some sprucing up, which ultimately means I’ve had my fair share of misfortune in the hair department. High on the list of Worst Hairdresser Moments Ever rank that one time I asked for a subtle balayage and ended up looking like a full-on zebra, followed by the time I left the salon with silvery grey locks because apparently that’s what you get when asking for ‘just a tad blonder please’. My most recent misfortune was when I suddenly felt I needed curtain bangs à la Brigitte Bardot. I scheduled an appointment for the next day and excitedly got to the salon with a pinterest board full of curtain bang-inspo on my phone, only to leave with two super awkward short strands on the front of my face and me murmuring a ‘yep that’s fine thank you’.

My hair is beyond important to me, honestly, after that last hair cut I felt so down and out because my hair would not keep in place the way it used to, awkward strands bungling in front of my face for days on end. There’s no greater feeling than finally stumbling upon the one that you know will do you right, which is exactly the feeling I had when first leaving my from-now-on go-to salon: Hair Meeting.

Let me tell you a little bit about Hair Meeting before I show you photo proof of their magic, okay? Hair Meeting is a brand new salon which opened its doors in Antwerp this Summer. It is conveniently located on the Paul Smekensplein, a little square hidden in the buzzing Eiland area. Step into the salon and you’ll step into an oasis of peace and expertise. Sit down on one of the fancy croco-embossed leather chairs and have yourself treated to a fresh cut, exquisite coloring or perfect blow-out. I went in for the full package: colour, cut and styling, all done under the expert eye of Shana, manager of the salon.

We discussed what I wanted: a touch-up of the roots, a little lighter ànd a solution for those horrible locks that framed my face in such a weird way. A major task, but one that Shana handled perfectly. I’ve always have a hard time relaxing at a hair salon, especially when it’s my first time there, but Shana made me feel right at ease. She painted strokes, did her magic and revealed the perfect shade, exactly what I wanted. Right before blowdrying, she tackled my wanna-be bangs and created actual curtain bangs, the kind that I wanted in the first place. You have no idea how happy I was when I left the salon – happy with my shiny new do & even happier that I’d found myself a go-to salon and a hair stylist I can trust!

Hair Meeting Hair Salon Antwerp Hair Meeting Hair Salon Antwerp Hair Meeting Hair Salon Antwerp

If it wasn’t obvious by now, I highly recommend visiting Hair Meeting if you’re looking for a go-to salon yourself. All treatments are reasonably priced and you’ll be pampered like a princess. Want to book a spot? Click here to schedule your appointment through Treatwell or contact the salon via Facebook or Instagram.

Hair Meeting Hair Salon Antwerp

Hair Meeting Hair Salon Antwerp

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, I am merely sharing with you my favorite address.

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