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*Ping* You’ve got mail. A new message popped up in my inbox, it’s subject line “Get rid of cellulite now”. I was one click away from tossing the thing into my junk folder, when I saw that it was not at all the spam I thought it was, but an email from a PR lady, working for a very high regarded beauty institute in Antwerp. If I wanted to try out the newest way to get rid of local fat accumulation, cellulite and saggy skin? You bet! I’ve been very open about my fit journey recently, so I was super excited and kind of intrigued when I read more. The Ikari institute proudly presents the Deep Slim treatment, a technique using ultrasound waves to manipulate the body. The method uses High Frequency Focalised Ultrasound, which basically warm up the fat structures deep inside the body to a temperature of 60°C. The fat melts away (ooh doesn’t that just sound lovely!) and the skin fibre layer gets thightened. To finish off, impluses are being applied to the skin, contracting the skin and firming it. It takes some weeks up to a few months to really see the result of the treatment – but the pictures and testimonials from patients seem super promising. So guess what? I needed to try it for myself!

Flash back to a few weeks, when I had my very first Deep Slim treatment at the Ikari institute. The place just got a little make-over in the interior department, and it now has a very nice and relaxing atmosphere. The tone was set for the rest of my experience, as the treatment was also surprisingly calming and chill! One of the Ikari experts talked to me about my expectations and what I wanted to get out of my treatment, and together we looked at my body to define the best place for the treatment. We decided on my lower tummy because that’s where I have that little extra bit of fat that no plank or sit-up can seem to get rid off. The girl draws a few lines on me, we take before-photographs (ieekk!) and I get to lay down on the comfy bed for the treatment to start. The treatment basically takes just under an hour (depending on which zone you want treated) and is not painful at all. A lot of gel is applied however, so you are required to wear a very funny looking paper underpants. The ultrasound waves come from a machine that is being pressed on the area multiple times (1700 times to be exact in my case!) and the waves come in three levels: the first one is really soft, the second one a little bit deeper and the third and final one is a little hotter and maybe a little stingy. Overall, the Deep Slim Treatment is quick and truly painless, I swear! I get cleaned up and stand up for the after-pictures. Whooot! After 50 minutes I can already see a difference! I am being told to drink lots of fluids (green tea especially) and will see the final result in about a week. And guess what? It may be because I tried to spend a little extra time in the gym and say no to those M&M’s, but I found my stomach to be much flatter and thighter the weeks after! I instantly call Ikari to book myself another appointment (2 to 3 is recommended) for ultimate results, and secretly start ordering a bunch of low-cut swimsuits right after 😅

Is the Deep Slim Treatment something for me?

It is if you are in good shape but want to thighten certain areas of the body, or have a bit of stubborn fat somewhere that you just cannot seem to lose. This treatment is not for people who are overweight or want to loose a lot of kg’s, because it won’t have any effect.

Does it hurt?

No, it does not! It may feel a little uncomfortable because of the cold gel or even a little bit tingle-y on the highest level, but there is absolutely no pain that you need to worry about.

What does the Deep Slim Treatment cost?

The treatment is €250 a session to tackle cellulite and saggy skin, and will set you back €350 if you want to get rid of some fat. You will need 2 to 3 sessions depending on the zone and the issue. If you’re interested I suggest you contact the Institute for the exact price.

Find all info + booking online here.

Deep Slim behandeling bij Ikari Instituut

Deep Slim behandeling bij Ikari Instituut

Deep Slim behandeling bij Ikari Instituut

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