Author: Elien Migalski

Elien Migalski

A December Weekend in London

My favourite city for a weekend get-away is by far lovely London – I’ve said it numerous times and I’ll say it again: I absolutely

The Perfect Red Suit

So, funny story: for years I’d been on the hunt for the perfect co-ord suit, searching everywhere and then some and always failing to find

Wonderful Walks

“Started wearing more and going out less” seems to be the caption to my life atm. I find this weird time after Summer and right

Vinyl Rain Coat

Guuuys! It’s Black Friday and I am suffering from severe RSI in my wrist (which stands for repetitive strain injury) – not gonna lie, there


Helleuuuuuh guys! Hope you’re all doing muy bien! I’ve decided to finally check back in and share with you some pictures of my most recent

Coat of my Dreams

I think I say this every Autumn, but guess what? I found my dreamcoat! I am still very very much in love with last year’s

My #1 Luxury Skincare Indulgence

If there’s one beauty brand that ticks all my boxes, it most definitely La Mer. The label had been on my radar for years before

Indian Summer Walks

These pictures date back from a little while ago – a day in the middle of October, when it suddenly turned into the most gorgeous

In a New York Minute

It’s been a minute since I last updated – goshhh, feel like I use this line so much lately. Things are quite busy but things