Daily Outfits

Insta-outfit: Checkered Coat

Here’s my look for Friday 23th of October – I wasn’t feeling all that energetic so I opted for a simple and casual outfit for

The Arm Party

Lately I’ve been totally into layering pretty pieces of jewellery to complement my outfit. I love collecting memories in the form of a dainty bracelet

#Outfit – Polkadot blouse

Howdy partners! I’m dropping in with the details of this look I recently wore – you know, when the weather was still good and we

My First Ski Holiday: What to Pack

It finally happened! Migalski ventured out into the unknown for her first Winter holiday ever! I’m talking full-fledged, bonafide ski trip to Chamonix. Together with

It’s been a while

Haven’t been checking in here as much as I could/should, buuuuuut I might be prepping some very cool content for you behind the scenes! I

Easy Does It

September is coming closer and closer, and with it some fun and festive things! We’re celebrating the 1st birthday of my godchild Ebe, as well

The World Cup Craze Continues

Goaaaaal!! Just got home from the Belgium – England World Cup Game, and of course very happy we won again! I went up to Fosbury

2017 in Outfits

Another year, another hard drive full of outfit posts 😉 I thought I’d take you with me on a walk down memory lane and see


Would you look at that! Snow! I finally embraced the holiday spirit after waking up to a white carpet view this morning. There’s something magical

Green Velour Dress

How pretty are these boots? They are really something special, and that’s why they instantly became one of my favourite pairs this fall. I love