VIDEO: Lola’s Place with Scotch & Soda



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Last week’s trip to Amsterdam was a lifesaver: not only was it a much-needed break from busy working life, it also fueled me with inspiration for those busy days yet to come. I was kindly invited by Lola to stay at her place while she’s away on a trip around the world. She has the coolest apartment located in the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam, a cosy street filled with unique shops, tasty bagel bars and hip spots. Together with partner in crime Marie-Lynn I enjoyed every second of our Amsterdam Adventure. So much so, that we made a short video for you. Hope you have fun watching.

Scotch Amsterdam-3

Scotch&Soda Amsterdam

Scotch&Soda Amsterdam-20


Scotch Amsterdam-6

Scotch Amsterdam-4Scotch&Soda Amsterdam-6

Like what I’m wearing in the video? Shop everything at Scotch & Soda.

Oh and here’s a little note I wanted to leave to Lola.

Hi Lola

Thanks for letting us stay in your place while you where gone. I fell in love with it seconds after opening the front door: the cosy atmosphere, little trinkets that you brought from all over the world, the scented candles, big fluffy bed and enviable collection of cacti won me over immediately. Your closet is amazing too, you have great taste. I hope you don’t mind that we borrowed some of your things, it’s just that your clothes felt perfect to discover the city in.

I envy you for getting to see so much of the world, but am happy I got to stay in your cosy apartment while you were away. Thanks for the inspiration!


Elien & Marie-Lynn

Scotch&Soda Amsterdam-9

Scotch&Soda Amsterdam-21

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December 16, 2015

Wauw wat leuk! Scotch & Soda is één van mijn favoriete merken en dat appartementje is volledig ingericht in hun stijl, geweldig gewoon! Ook een superleuk idee om alles in een video te tonen 🙂


December 16, 2015

loved your video but I can’t believe that this is an actual home! It is soooooo beautiful!! <3

Xx Maria
stylefax blogspot com

December 16, 2015

Hihi wat een leuke blogpost! Het appartement is net een drooom! Ik moet ook nog eens snel naar Amsterdam, zoveel leuke winkels.

x Karen

December 21, 2015

Super leuke video en wat mooi daar zeg!

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