Regent Tweet 2014



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Regent Tweet celebrated its fifth anniversary, and I celebrated my fourth attendance to this wonderful event. Bringing social media and shopping together, Regent Tweet is the perfect experience for bloggers, fashion enthusiasts and self-appointed girl geeks.



#TeamBelgium: about twenty ladies, a mix of bloggers and journalists for online media, travelled to the capital of the UK to discover the shops of Regent Street. Although tired from waking up at 5 in the morning, I was beyond excited to visit my favourite city again, and for one of the best blogger events out there at that.

The train ride to London was a real treat, per usual. After grabbing a quick coffee in the Eurostar VIP lounge we boarded our train, enjoyed breakfast (croissants and rice pudding!) and flipped through some complimentary magazines. We arrived, got out of the train car coach and headed straight to the event venue. But not before the mandatory group snap of course.


Once arrived at Brasserie Zédel, the RegentTweet HQ for the day, we registered, got our tote bags filled with treat cards (which all hold a special perk at each participating store) and headed out into the wilderness that is the city centre of London on a Saturday.




KIKO: this little store just off the intersection with Oxford Street, is a treasure chest for beauty lovers. Literally everything to make you even more beautiful can be found here. I didn’t really know the brand before, but we received some products so I’ll be testing them out very soon. Prices here are really good as well.


Anthropologie: If I ever find myself living in the countryside harvesting my own spices and reading philosophical books, all I’d be wearing is Anthropologie. I know it might be a weird thing to say, but the store has a connotation of peace, virtue, nature and contentment, which all translate into the collections. I love their home goods and accessory collections.


Apple Store: Ah the Apple store, almost a place to call home. Our day began with a talk by male fashion blogger Adam Gallagher, and at the end Afro and I stopped by for some quick battery charging (thanks for the great help and the power converter Apple team!) and a lecture by Jeremy Hackett, founder of the Hackett brand and a truly inspiring and pleasant man. The British brand started as a little business with no marketing, no business plan and little to no money, but it still managed to take off. We ran into him at the bar at Hackett – because, where else would he rather be? – I congratulated him with his accomplishments and we posed for pictures.



Liberty’s London: An established name when it comes to my annual Regent Tweet reports, and this year’s no different. This warehouse is literally the prettiest ever. We stopped by the REN cosmetics counter and picked up a few samples which I’ll be trying out real soon.


Hackett: Misters, find that typical London look right here. Dapper suits, corduroy blazers and fine leather goods are everywhere, but my favourite thing about the recently opened store on Regent Street is the in-store bar. I can totally imagine me lounging on a bar stool, in a gin and tonic buzz, while the boyfriend is being measured for a tailor-made suit. I took home a personally embossed cognac leather pouch with my initials on, which I LOVE!


Brasserie Zédel: For lunch we headed back to Brasserie Zédel, which houses an exquisite French restaurant in the basement. In a setting that could have easily been used as a backdrop for The Great Gatsby, we had a three-course lunch which consisted of carrot salad, chopped steak and pear tart. I wouldn’t really recommend the food (but hey, that’s just me) but the setting is priceless.


Of course we had to take the mandatory detour Topshop Afro and I let loose in the priciest way possible, but without regrets. High waisted jeans, cropped tops and ripped denim ruled our shopping baskets, and will be ruling a great part of outfit posts to come. Another shop stop was Whole Foods Market on Picadilly = the dream for all things healthy and delicious. I got the best granola and detox tea. Yep, we shopped for groceries while in London!


All shopped out we stumbled back to our Eurostar terminal, leaned back into our first class seats and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Like seriously, this moving meal was way better than what I’d eaten for lunch. Eurostar steward Bartje knew exactly how to keep us happy: bottles of wine, and keep ‘em coming. We talked about life, boys, clothes and everything in between, and before we knew it we had arrived at Brussels-midi. And with that, yet another short but sweet visit to London came to an end.


I had a wonderful time soaking up the London vibe, and got totally reenergized fashion-wise. Thanks so much Sister, Regent Street and Eurostar, for this amazing event. Afro and I will be back soon.


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June 5, 2014

Zag er super uit! Leuke foto’s ook ^^

June 5, 2014

Amai! Serieus geshopt! Zag er wel zalig uit 😀

valt wel mee hoor, er zitten vooral goodies bij die we kregen in de deelnemende winkels (en een hele hoop Topshop ;))

June 5, 2014

Ohhhh Eliennnn, what a wonderful day! Ik wil elk weekend zo ff heen en weer, just for the sake of Topshop and our hilarious one-liners (bruine dansgenen, HA!)

Yeeees baby twas een superfijne dag! Elk weekend heen en weer, alleen als Bartje van de partij is 😀 (we kunnen ook gewoon verhuizen hé!)

June 5, 2014

Looks like an amazing day!

June 5, 2014

ik heb serieus die dag mijn instagram niét gecheckt. Zo rot dat ik net die dag een examen had! Het zag er alweer een super geslaagde editie uit, leuke foto’s! Hoop dat ik er volgend jaar weer kan bijzijn! Enneeeeuh, TOPSHOP FTW!

Ooh ja het event heeft wel altijd een ongelukkige timing qua examens! Hopelijk ben je volgend jaar opnieuw van de partij 🙂

Dat zag er een super uit! P.S. congrats met de nieuwe site, echt heel mooi gedaan!

X Sara

Dankjewel Sara, en dat was het zeker 😉 x

January 19, 2015

HEy ELien,
Weet je soms hoe ik me kan inschrijven voor de komende regent tweet?

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