Milan Moments | Vogue Fashion’s Night Out



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So little time, so much to share. I have a bunch of London posts lined up for you guys, but to try and keep somewhat of a chronologic order I’m sharing some pics from Milano first. I took off for a short Italian get-away in the beginning of September, where we spend five days wandering around Milan. Beautiful architecture, luxurious stores and delish sushi = good times.


the entire stay we experienced beautiful weather and hot temperatures. Not
always easy when you’re spending your day walking around a concrete city with
little to no shadow. So I opted for comfy and airy ensembles to keep me from
From left to right: a typical outfit for a day of sightseeing: loose shorts by Zara and a simple tee. / for some reason I wanted to bring along a truckers cap, which actually came in handy to protect my face from te sun! / loose tee and shorts, denim this time / night on the town = fancy attire. I wore a subtle snakeskin printed dress for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out / switched shorts for skirt, remained faithfull to the converses / a simple but classy outfit for some shopping around Via Torino / the travel outfit in which I flew back to Belgium.


“What do
you want to do for your 23th birthday?” “EAT SUSHI”. And so we did. We got
really lucky to come across Wasabi on Via Ponte Vetero – hands down the best
discovery of our entire trip. Copious amounts of tasty sushi, seaweed soup and
dessert to top it all off – and all of that for only 10 euros. Bar-gainnn! Go there between 6 and
9PM for the extensive sushi buffet and delish cocktails. I had the Peach on the
Beach = yumz.


The day
after my birthday the city turned into one big fashionshow for Vogue Fashion’s
Night Out
– an event I’ve heard of before (Gossip Girl!) but never actually
visited. Each and every retail store in the city center was open till midnight,
drinks were being served, beats were being played and streetstyle pics were
being snapped. A mini Fashion Week, if you’d like. The city was crowded to the
max and full of fashion vibes.Late night shopping with a glass of champagne in your hand? Always a win in my book.


I’d definitely
recommend visiting Milan since it’s one of the most lovely cities I’ve ever
visited. Clean streets, beautiful architecture and well-dressed people all
around. Milano, I’ll be back.

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