Life with Lewis #4


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It’s been a while so time for a new episode of Life with Lewis 😉 It’s been a fun summer for the little pupper, with a lot of outside fun and sleepovers at grannie’s. He adjusted well to the big move, and even though his new neighbourhood was only a few blocks away, Lewis found the time to thoroughly mark his new territory like no other. There’s a new dog in town. As part of the move, there were a few nice housewarming gifts delivered to Lewis’ address. From a cookie maker over intelligent toys to helpful items to store his beloved food, Lewis is one spoiled pup.

Collishop kindly invited us to browse their selection of pet-proof items and pick out our favourite things. Since the bf and I recently started jogging together with little Lew, we chose a cool dog leash especially designed for running. We have yet to try it out, but I will keep you posted on our sporty experiences 😉

Golden retriever dog food container at Collishop

The food container was a welcome gift, since I was still looking for a clean and safe way to store Lewis’ food on our balcony without attracting unwanted guests or harsh smells. This plastic container has an airtight lid keeping dry food fresh and tasty. At least that’s what it says on the sticker 😉

When we are at work and Lewis is alone in the apartment, he mostly chills and sleeps. But to keep him entertained, we ordered this nifty little gadget: a plastic ball that dispenses little treats every x minutes. The Foobler toy has a build-in timer that rings a bell every now and then, triggering the dog to come play and treating it to a reward when he does so. Only downside? Finding unfinished treats all around the house when you come back from work.

Oh and guess who’s a model now? Yeppp it’s ya boy Lewis! He did a photo shoot for Flair magazine, oh so cute. Give him a follow on Insta below 😉

Call my agent for bookings 📸 @flairbelgie

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Ah hij blijft zo schatig 🙂

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