Bump update

Bump Update Week 23

bump update week 23

Kalimera! Week 23 update live from Anti-Paros, Greece! It feels like all I’ve been doing this pregnancy is going on trips, taking holidays, lounging in the sun… And I’m loving it! I try to enjoy every moment to the fullest, especially considering I felt so nauseous and exhausted the first few months of this pregnancy.

This week in the sun is doing good things for my energy levels: swimming, taking multiple naps a day, reading books – I just finished 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari, highly recommend it! I’m staying active as well, we went on a hike and there’s a personal trainer coming to the house every other day and I get to do some pregnancy-proof exercises with him.


I’ve done a ton of online shopping whilst laying out in the sun shade, mostly baby clothes which I found during endless scrolling sessions on the H&M and Zara Home app. Insider tip: the baby collection is much larger ànd way prettier on the Zara Home app/website than it is on the general Zara site. 

I’ve also done quite some online shopping to find the perfect wedding guest dress, and I’m yet to find out if one of the options will make it into the final rounds… Keep you posted.