Bump update

Bump Update Week 31

Hello! Currently 31 weeks and 2 days pregnant, to be very exact 馃檪 Very happy we’ve got to enjoy an extra long weekend – thanks to the National Holiday I’ve been home since Thursday, and as it’s Sunday today, I’ve gotten plenty of opportunities to relax, chill and rest. Even though I don’t like to admit it, I can clearly feel that my body needs all the extra rest it can get. I am also experiencing increased feelings of hunger, as in waking up in the middle of the night craving food. Still no weird pregnancy cravings here though.. I enjoy fresh fruits, lots of water (I am constantly thirsty + constantly need to pee – wonderful..), cracottes with strawberry jam and cheese and of course my iced lattes. I’ve started to make them myself, to control my sugar intake a little, but I must admit the caramel macchiato by Starbucks beats my own homemade iced coffee by a long shot 馃槈

It’s been absurdly warm these past days; luckily our home is relatively cool and in the office I just dragged my Dyson with me to have somewhat of an airconditioning. Nights are getting a little more difficult, I keep waking up multiple (read 5 to 6) times a night from having to pee and getting leg cramps. I’m upping my vitamin intake in the weeks to come, more magnesium, more iron, and am still trying to find electrolytes with a neutral taste, in an attempt to quench my thirst without drinking liters and liters.

On the schedule this week: our first prenatal physiotherapy class in the hospital, getting vaxxed against kinkhoest (which I had an appointment for last week but com-ple-te-ly forgot #pregnancybrain is a real thing) AND most importantly: finally getting to see our baby girl again on an ultrasound. Can’t wait to find out if baby has turned already, how she’s doing and if everything is looking good.. I feel her kicking A LOT, which isn’t always the most comfortable but is really reassuring to me in those long weeks in between gyno visits.聽

Also up next: baby prepzzz! Her wallpaper is going up this week, we’ve ordered her bed and changing table, the closet is looking good and I am currently adding the final touches to our doopsuiker order. I’m expecting everything to be delivered by the end of next week, so I can get started on those already!

I visited the Sissel Edelbo showroom to browse the endless collection of one-of-a-kind silk dresses and printed tops made out of recycled sarongs.

The weekend before we attended a woooonderful wedding where I danced for as long as I could (read: for as long as my swollen ankles would let me).聽

Le belly! It is growing every day and I can clearly see her moving in there, so I try to take the best care that I can for my skin: oil, oil, oil, rub, rub, rub!