Autumn Cleanse with JusJus


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We’ve tackled the topic of detox cleanses before, but today we’re talking a brand new take on resetting your body and preparing yourself for the Fall/Winter season. Let’s talk about my Autumn Cleanse with JusJus! The Autumn Cleanse is one of JusJus’ combined cleanses which helps to detoxify your system by focussing on nutritional balance and boosting your energy levels. Basically, the program emphasizes on clean eating and provides your body with whole foods that support your digestive system. This being a combined cleanse, the program consists out of the already iconic cold pressed juices and JusJus’ ready-made breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Review of the Jus Jus Autumn Cleanse on Dogs and Dresses lifestyle blog from Antwerp

I am happy to take you with me on my Autumn Cleanse – I chose the 3-day program because I feel that three days is the right length if you are a busy bee that isn’t a die-hard detoxer just yet. I chose to start my program on Wednesday, solely because I had too many events on Monday and Tuesday. Whenever I have too much going on, especially when it comes to press events, I just know that I won’t be able to commit to the cleanse or diet. It is really important to think about your starting date and how your week looks like, so you can totally focus on the program without too much distraction.

I went to pick up the first 2 days of the program on Tuesday evening and woke up super excited on Wednesday. My first meal of the day? Vegan Protein Coconut Waffles with cardamom maple berry syrup – every bit as delicious as it sounds! It does seem weird to start munching on waffles on day 1 of a cleanse, but every meal is carefully crafted with only the best of ingredients, clean and vegan. The waffles were beyond delicious and really kick-started my week.

The rest of the day went by surprisingly fast and easy, and foremost de-li-cious 😉 I told the Jus Jus team about my dislike for red beet, because one of the daily juices has this as a main ingredient, but no problemo at all: I got a tasty carrot-based juice instead. That is what I like about this program: the JusJus squad values an individual and personal approach, which is exactly what you need to succesfully do a cleanse. So, after my Bux Bunny (carrot-based) and Greenday (brocolli, green apple, spinach, …) juices, it was time for lunch! Because of the amount of juices and the rather sweet breakfast in the morning, I had myself a very late lunch. You can choose between the salad bowl or the soup. I opted for the salad bowl, because I figured I would be needing something sweet in the evening. The salad bowl looked so gorgeous (proof in the photos!) and tasted very good. I especially liked the one on the left, filled with sweet potato, brocolli and cauliflower. Later that day I had the Oh My Greens juice and after I treated myself to a steamy cup of cashew-brocolli soup. Seriously my favourite ever!

Review of the Jus Jus Autumn Cleanse on Dogs and Dresses lifestyle blog from Antwerp

The next two days were pretty much filled with the same type of tasty-ness! The second day started with the infamous JusJus granola, to which I added some almond milk and a few berries. I took my salad bowl with me to work and must admit I got a few jealous looks when I opened the bowl and the colorful creation appeared! I had Thai Butternut Squash soup for dinner, which was every bit as great as it sounds. The second and second to last day of my JusJus cleanse was a fact! I made sure to pick up the freshly made juices, salad bowl and soup at the JusJus HQ on Tuesday evening so I could start the last day on the best foot.

Let’s talk about downsides of this JusJus cleanse for a minute.. Basically I love not having to think about what I am going to cook, not having to run to the grocery store for food and just knowing that you’re putting the absolute best in your body! But the case with these ready-made meal plans is that you have to stick to what you get. I told before that the JusJus team is super flexible and will happily alter ingredients to fit your taste, but of course you are bound to what is up for grabs that particular day. If a certain soup, juice or salad isn’t really your thing, then you’ll have to do with it either way. Luckily all of the ingredients and produce used by JusJus are fresh and of excellent quality, so if you’re not a picky eater, you will eat your heart out!

Fast forward to the end of the cleanse: I feel happy, energetic and a little lighter than before! This combined cleanse is the perfect start if you want to change your eating habits in a non-invasive way. It’s great when you combine it with excercise, because you get all the nutrition your body needs. Oh and I wouldn’t mind another plate of those waffles 😉 Find all the info about my Autumn Cleanse here.

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