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Ahh, finally I found the time to upload all of my pictures from our trip to Amsterdam (iPhone pics that is, since I forgot my SD-card – we’ve all been there). We spent a few days in the capitol of the Netherlands and I am surely going back there to (re-)visit a couple of places. When travelling with fashionlovers like Afro, Paulien, Kim and Gilles, it’s hard to find the time to do anything besides shopping. A visit to the Rijksmuseum got cancelled due to a though planning of strolling around, doing some minor shopping, drinking lattes and catching up. NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER, since the restaurants, bars and shops in Amsterdam are a-okay.

Thanks to the driving skills of Gilles, who may or may not be cast in the next Fast and the Furious film, we got to Amsterdam in no time. Thanks to apartment rental website Wimdu we got to drop our bags in one hell of a lovely loft, right next to one of Amsterdam’s numerous canals. On walking distance from the Leidseplein and the Rijksmuseum, this place couldn’t have had a better location. The outside terrace and garden (a rarity in a city like Amsterdam) proved to be the perfect hang-out spot for some late-night wine-sipping.

PANCAKES! Someone was particularly keen on having pancakes (cough Paulien), and who am I to say no to that? We walked around town in search of the perfect pancake spot, and found just that when passing PANCAKES! – what’s in a name?. A bunch of deliciousness, ranging from regular pancakes over poffertjes to English pancakes. Cosy atmosphere (véry Dutch), good service and fair prices. This one scores high on the pancake hit list. That’s right, the pancake hit list. Don’t pretend you don’t have one.

Berenstraat 38 1016 GH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Under the motto stick to what you know, we found ourselves in the middle of the Kalverstraat, filled with people eager to find that perfect jacket or cute top. Paulien did. I did. Both at Monki, an Amsterdam stop that was high on my to-do list. Happy campers.

Kalverstraat 176, Amsterdam

Next up; vintage walhalla Episode. There used to be an Episode on the Vrijdagsmarkt in Antwerpen, but since that one’s no longer there, we now have to feed our cravings on the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam. This particular shop reminded me so much of the time I was in East London – ahh the memories. If you’re into vintage cut-off Levi’s shorts, this shop right here is your wet dream.

Waterlooplein 1 1011 NV, Amsterdam

When it comes to luxurious shopping in a relaxed atmosphere, De Bijenkorf is the bee’s knees – get it? I drooled over an orange Balenciaga (very patriotic), a bright yellow Proenza and a ton of fancy shoes. No damage was done to my credit card, however, next time I have some dollars to spend, I will definitely do it in a place like De Bijenkorf. Not having annoying salesgirls coming up to you from the moment you’ve laid your eyes onto something is always a plus in my book.

Dam 1 1012 JS, Amsterdam

On our first night, while almost starving to death, we were happy as hippo’s to stumble upon Bar Brandstof, a hip bar slash restaurant which serves a decent meal for a decent price. Also the perfect place for a breakfast, brunch, lunch,… You catch my drift.

Marnixstrat 357 1016 TD, Amsterdam

So what did I think of Amsterdam? Easy: Cheese! Klompen! Tulips! Weed! Canals! Nahh, all stereotypes aside I had the best time in Amsterdam, thanks to the lovely weather, lovely hang-out and lovely company. Be back soooon!

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