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Happy Sunday guys! Today’s Closet Sale time, so I hope I’ll see you all at Plein Publiek in a couple of hours 🙂 Right now I’m having breakfast on the couch whilst going through cute pictures of my godchild! Little Ebe is now 9 weeks old and really turning into a little boy, more so each time I see him. Aaah the cutie! On this particular Sunday a few weeks back, I invited prince Ebe, his parents and his grandpa (😂) over to our place for a little housewarming.

After brunch and  lots of cuddles we visited Wild Jo’s Market, which is always a fun event. It’s a market for entrepreneurs and young businesses, and it’s filled with bright people with cool ideas. It takes place in an amazing setting, the De Koninck brewery. Go visit next time they’re in town! 😉

My dad with his first grandchild (well, apart from Lewis that is).

My little peanut! 💛 I bought this cute dinosaur suit which is the softest thing ever.

Showing off my little nephew to friends.

Enjoy your Sunday!

November 5, 2017

Superlieve foto’s!

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